Duane Norland and TAN

My name is Duane Norland, and this is my story!

I have lead …shall we say….a sorted life.
When I was very young my father spent most of his time in prison. He was of the attitude that people were put on this earth to eat, drink, and have fun. He didn’t believe that they should have to work…..at all. Only the strongest should survive. That meant that if you could find a way to beat others (even if you cheated), then you were stronger and better than them.
Well this type of thinking can only lead to one outcome……..crime was the easiest way to beat others and get what you wanted.
Unfortunately, my father was not even motivated enough to do his crimes carefully and he was frequently caught.
When I was 12 years old, my father decided that living with my mother was no longer worth all of the yelling and screaming he received, and took off…….for good.
At 12 years old, I didn’t fully understand what was going on and felt abandoned.
This lead to me becoming withdrawn and hard to communicate with.
As the years went by, people tried to help me, but I felt pittied and really didn’t like that, so as a defence mechanism, I developed an art of getting people not to like me very much so I wouldn’t have to feal their pity.
In my teens, I turned to drugs and alcohol as an escape. I wouldn’t say that I was a hard drug user…..I wasn’t addicted to anything, but it did get me into quite a bit of trouble. I was even even expelled from high school in grade 12.
But I was always a fighter at heart. Even at age 6, I used to get into fist fights with other kids at school and became pretty tough. I was always sharter than all the other kids my age and was even short compared to kids 2 years younger than me. I played football in grade 9 and I still remember a picture of me standing in the huddle. The top of my head was even with the shoulders of the next shortest player (I was only 4′ 8″ tall at the time), but that didn’t stop me. I played the entire season without sustaining any real injuries.
I also joined the wrestling team. I was so small that I never had to watch my weight in order to stay in my weight class. I weighed 78 lbs on average and wrestled in the 84 lb weight division. A lot of times I wrestled kids in higher weight classes because they didn’t have anyone in mine, but I almost always won since I was so tough and never gave up. In grade 10, I still wrestled in the same weight class and had my best year. I finished 5th overall in the Western Ontario high school finals. I stayed in the same weight class until grade 11, when I moved up to the 90 lb division. In my final year of wrestling (grade 12) I was in the 104 lb class and was only 5′ 4″ tall.
I grew my last inch at the age of 35 and now stand 5′ 8″ tall, which is still short, but I won’t be turned away from any fair rides….lol.

So all of that was just to give you an idea of who I am.

Now let’s move onto what I do……
My marks in school were always slightly above average. Usually right around the 75% region. I never really tried hard at school until something happened to me.
In my first year of university, I failed miserably……..My overall average was somewhere around 30%. I just didn’t want to be there and wasn’t doing any work at all. I was forced by the university to take a year off. When I came back, I did a lot better, but still nowhere near what was normal for me. I deceided to go back to high school to make sure that my foundations were strong.
That was my turning point. I hit the books hard. I mean hard! I was either in class, sitting at my desk at home, or exercising. And it paid off big time! My overall average for the first semester was somewhere around 95%. None of my marks were below 90%. The second semester was kind of tough keeping up the momentum and my average dropped to around 92%, but still high enough to get into any school that I wanted.

Well, my options were pretty open at this point, so I decided to take prerequisites for dentistry and medicine. I carried on my regimen of hitting the books as hard as I could and maintained a 90% average for my first and second years at university and took the MCAT and DAT tests to see if I qualified to get into either dentistry or medicine. The tests were harder than I thought and I scored around 80% for each…..pretty good in my eyes, but not strong enough to get into either.

So I stayed in the sciences for another year. My next set of MCATs and DATs went a little better, scoring around 83%, but still not high enough, so I decided to finish my honor’s science degree and retake the entry exams.

Now this is where my life course took another swing. My sister had gotten married and her new husband had a seismic company in Alberta. He had offered me a job for the summer and the pay was far greater than anything that I could get on my own in Ontario, so I took the plunge. I applied for my student loans while in Alberta, but I made a mistake and my application had to be re-submitted. Unfortunately, in seismic you spend up to 45 days straight on the job….in the bush. I didn’t find out that my application had to be re-submitted until about a week before school was to start, so needless to say I had no money waiting for me back in Ontario, and wouldn’t get any until the following semester. I took on a part-time job, and with my savings from the summer, I was able to make it to the end of November until I was tapped out. I was forced to abandon the rest of the semester and continue in the following semester. So what did I do? I went back to Alberta to work.

One thing led to another and I ended up falling in love with the big money I was making. I dropped out of school and became a full-time seismic worker……

I met a girl and we had a son when I was 35. We moved in together and I continued working in the seismic industry.

Like I said previously, in seismic you are in the bush for up to 45 days straight, but when you get time off, it sometimes lasts for a couple of months (depending on how active the oil companies are on the seismic part at the time). This gave me a lot of free time that I needed to fill.

One day I got an email telling me that the internet was the best place to earn huge incomes, and I started to look into it.

I learned a lot. I learned how to create websites, how to start my own Youtube channel and create videos to publish, how to create squeeze pages to capture leads, and much more. The problem I found was that no matter what I did, I could never generate enough traffic to earn any descent money. But I didn’t give up.


I knew deep down that if I ever cracked the code, I would be a millionaire.

So I kept on learning and implementing what I had learned, and seeing very small results.

One day I got an email from the creator of one of the many products that I had bought.

His name was Troy James. He was offering a sure-fire way to finally make a lot of money on the internet and I was very interested, so I checked out what he had to say.

Here’s what I found out…….he wasn’t offering a way to make a lot of money……he was offering many ways that would each make a lot of money.

So I joined. Along with joining Troy, came joining a secret Skype group where we all help each other to succeed. Troy has taught me a LOT and everything he shares with us is always on the cutting edge of internet marketing. I thank my lucky stars every day that I had bought that product from Troy a few years back and was able to get on his list and received that fateful email that landed me in his Skype group in the company of genuine greatness.

Troy’s latest (for us) is something that he has actually been working on for over 8 years. It is a central hub where anybody can learn how to make a lot of money on the internet.

It’s called The Affluence Network (T.A.N. for short) and it’s nothing short of amazing.

There are 6 levels of education and you must qualify and pay for each level. They all come with a set of video courses that cover different methods for making money online. They each also come with their own set of tools to use that not only make your job easier, but also save you a lot of money. Things like autoresponders, keyword tools, URL shorteners, article spinners and many, many more are included and each one is top-notch. Over 100 separate courses and tools are included within the different T.A.N. levels.

As of Feb, 2017, T.A.N. is in Alpha launch phase. Which means that there are a few members that are testing to make sure that everything is working properly. Within the next 45 days or so, T.A.N. will go into full launch mode and people from all across the globe will be scampering to get on board.

This is a time of excitement for all of us (especially Troy I imagine) as we all get set to start promoting and making our long-awaited dreams finally come true.

Now you may have heard of other platforms that seem to offer the same thing, but let me tell you this. I have been a member of other similar on-line programs that claim to be the best, and what they offer is not even close to what T.A.N. offers.

True, they offer a lot of products, but those products under-deliver. They are priced way too high……they don’t cover as much detail as they should, and they don’t offer clear ‘do this, then do that’ instructions.

The courses at T.A.N. are very easy to understand, and they leave you knowing exactly what you need to do next.

Best of all….you don’t pay for each course!

Each learning level within T.A.N. comes with at least 20 courses.

T.A.N. also includes every tool that a successful internet marketer would need.

So, although others have made promises about how great their system is…..The Affluence Network actually delivers on that promise in spades!!

So join us as we make history (and a TON of money in the process)

Duane Norland
Full -time internet marketer

What is the Affluence Network?

What is The Affluence Network? This is the question on lots of people’s lips.


The Affluence Network

The Affluence Network

They say that you can create 10,000 dollars in your 1st 30 days and easily make $12000 per month thereafter. No matter if you are a guru or a complete newbie. This is because it’s a total plug and play system.



The Affluence Network – Leadership

The Affluence Network was the development of an internet marketing professional that has been in practice for 24 years.

 He wanted to develop a system so strong in providing the ability to amass great success online that the question of failure was not a possibility.

Who is Troy James?  

Troy James has been the Viral marketer and the “go to” guy for many celebs and the rich and famous when wanting to get a message out to the masses fast. Troy has been their underground marketer for 24 years and has specialized in guerrilla marketing and viral marketing tactics that have sometimes pushed the boundaries but have always been highly effective. hqdefault Two years ago, Troy took his business practices in two separate directions in an attempt to increase his potential income. Its then that he realized that most of his own daily practices could be automated and so he created a software company and began selling his automated tactics to other marketers. Second, he began producing training tutorials on tactics that, once again, push the boundaries, but don’t break any terms of service rules from social networks to achieve insane results in marketing literally anything. He has now teamed up with an array of marketing experts to bring those softwares and tactics to YOU, via The Affluence Network.

To learn more about the people behind the conceptualization and creation of T.A.N., the leadership structure and those who are playing an ongoing role in the consistent growth of this iconic network,

click  the heading below to see:


The History of T.A.N.


The Affluence Network was built with both the educational practices on the best ways to make money online, and a hybrid affiliate program that allows members to earn exponential commissions by referring others through a sharing in the wealth of knowledge theory. A potential member can sign up for a free “trial” account where they can enter the system and preview a small part of the courses and tools for 30 days to quickly decide if the system is for them or not. It is not mandatory that a member become an affiliate. We welcome members from around the world that wish to only use our services, and build their current business.

So What’s IN the Affluence Network?

Any successful “internet marketer” will have several internet software they would use to achieve success through all sub-niche categories considered in the internet marketing sphere.

These tools consist of an email autoresponder, Search Engine Optimization tools, Video Creation and ranking Tools, Website Building Tools and many more.

All of which play a heavy hand in success or failure online. Typically, a professional internet marketer could pay upwards of $2000 per month for these services which are commonly referred to as SaaS’s (Software as a Service). These services charge anywhere from $47 per month to as high as $397 per month for the convenience of being able to email thousands of people one time or simply speeding up manual processes that would typically take days or even weeks to do manually.


The Affluence Network host’s 20+ SaaS’s for its members in the company’s entry level of access. Included in their membership fees is:

  • A list of educational courses,
  • The 20+ SaaS’s,
  • Access to several world renown instructors that have had ultimate success in their sub-niche core topics and
  • The opportunity to become a corporate affiliate to earn within the system.

These instructors have provided courses that reveal all the most successful strategies that top-level internet marketers are using to achieve great success online and are the most current and up to date educational tutorials for each topic available anywhere. Not only do the members receive the same kinds of great tools most successful marketers use and the education in all areas that are required to achieve success online, when the members make their monthly payment within the system each month, they are also given a bonus in the Affluence Networks’ very own crypto currencies.


The Affluence Network is made up of 5 levels of services and compensation for affiliates.

These are:

Bronze Accelerator Level

Silver Accelerator Level

Gold Accelerator Level

Platinum Accelerator Level

Diamond Accelerator Level

Each of these Levels are achieved by the amount of qualifying sales the affiliate achieves within the AN Network. The model is designed so that the members achieve and receive through first education and then practical application. As members progress through the levels, they receive in-depth training, a higher degree of education and the tools to compliment it.

The Affluence Network – S.A.A.S Tools

The progressive levels within the Affluence Network cover the following services and more:

 Email Autoresponder Service

 Search Engine Marketing Tools

 Banner Creation

 Video Creator Software

 Video Ranking Software

 Mobile Landing Page Creator

 Article Writing Systems

 Article Spinning Software

 Website Creation Software

 Keyword Research Tools

 Competitor Analytics Software

 Social Media Automated Posting Software

 Mobile App Building Platforms

 CRM Tools

 And More added continually…

In total there are 30 tools that members will be able to access at the top level of achievements in the Affluence Network.

Members will NOT require any additional tools to become ultimately successful and achieve great recurring earnings within the system, or use the network and tools to grow your existing business, online or offline.


The Affluence Network – Training.

online-training TAN Advanced Training available by progressing through the levels, includes, but is not limited to:

Bronze Level.

 Understanding the Basic Principles and Necessities of Internet Marketing

 Affiliate Marketing 101 – The Affluence Network Way!

 Understanding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies to Make Money

 Digital Product Creation 101

 Sales Funnel Website Construction 101

 Creating and Selling Courses on Udemy

 Creating and Selling Courses on SkillShare

 Marketing on Twitter

 Marketing on Facebook

 Paid Advertising on Facebook for Beginners

 Marketing on YouTube

 Marketing on Tumblr

 Marketing on Instagram

 Website Construction for Affiliate Marketing

 Website Construction for Amazon Associate Earnings

 Article Publishing for Money

 Earning with Google Adsense

 Earning on YouTube

 Selling Photos and Videos Online

 Making Money with Gear Bubble

 Making Money with Teespring

 Making Money with Fiverr


Silver Level

 Affiliate Marketing Advanced

 Sales Funnel Website Construction Advanced

 Launching a Digital Product on JVZoo

 Creating and Selling Courses on Amazon Video On Demand

 Creating a Product for Clickbank

 Paid Traffic Tactics Basics

 Sponsored Tweets

 Social ShoutOuts

 Creating Kindle Books for Kindle KDP

 Reselling Concerts and Sporting Tickets Online for Greater Commissions

 JV Recruiting 101


Gold Level

 Podcasting on iTunes for a Profit

 Making Money with Crowd Funding Beginner

 Making Money with CPA Offers

 Paid Traffic Tactics Advanced

 Paid Advertising on YouTube

 Paid Advertising on Twitter

 Paid Advertising on Facebook Advanced

 Paid Advertising on Instagram

 Paid Advertising on Tumblr

 Product Arbitrage Earnings

 Retargeting and Remarketing

 Finding Good Physical Products to Sell

 Selling Physical Products on Etsy

 Selling Physical Products on Amazon

 Selling Physical Products on eBay


Platinum Level

 Creating Mobile Apps for Revenue

 Advance Retarget Marketing

 PayPer View Marketing

 Brand Building

 Outsourcing


Diamond Level

 Property Investing

 Business Purchasing

 Financial Markets Investing

 Crowd Funding Advanced

 Angel Investing

 Viral Marketing to the Masses


Inside each Affluence Network area members can:

  • Access the many SaaS apps.
  • Access their Affluential Wallets, and TAN’s own Cryptocurrencies)
  • Edit their personal profiles,
  • Visit the library.
  • Communicate in the forums with each other
  • Contact support
  • Preview or access Accelerator levels depending upon the member’s level of achievements,
  • See commissions and payments
  • Message the Affluence Network’s very own Influential Instructors who are the very best at their online professions.

The Affluence Network – Cryptocurrency

The Affluence Network leads the way in cryptocurrency innovations. tan_copper With no less than 8 of their own Cryptocurrencies which are Ethereum Smart contract based and are classified as crypto-tokens. Each are backed by either other cryptocurrencies or physical bullion and are available and tradable on multiple exchanges around the World. tancoin_tradable_exchanges For each payment members make, for each of their Business Centers, in each of their participating Accelerator levels, they will receive equivalent amounts in the company’s own cryptocurrencies. To see more info regarding TANs Cryptocurrencies, including descriptions of the 8 individual ingots, storage and mining servers, secure TAN wallet, up to date store of value and token database, visit the live site here


The Affluence Network –  Industry Leading Instructors

T.A.N. has retained the world’s best instructors online today, to supply training at every level, in the topic of their expertise in order to teach members the most effective ways to find success on the internet. These instructors, who have collectively made in excess of $100 million between them, have been hand-picked by upper management for their particular skills, achievements and their ability to communicate those skills to our members in layman’s terms, and walk them to success by duplication.


The Affluence Network – Compensation Plan  

Is structured like a Binary compensation plan, but is much more powerful than any ordinary binary.

It has a forced matrix accompanied by graduated accelerator levels.

You only need 2 sales to qualify for the Bronze Entry level and to earn $10 commission per sale for each sale that ANYONE IN YOUR DOWNLINE makes,to INFINITE depth for lifetime of the position.

This also unlocks the ACCELERATOR PROGRAM, where your earnings are supercharged and you receive all 3rd, 5th, and 7th sales commissions generated under you, which stems from any direct affiliate members you referred.

Your income potential can literally multiply itself, exponentially and automatically.

This process can repeat itself over and over and over again with every sale you make. The easy potential for 4, 5, 6 and even 7 figure commissions monthly is highly possible.


The Affluence Network has 4 separate and highly powerful Accelerator Programs.

3 and be FREE

Each accelerator level can be achieved by inviting 3 members to follow you through the SILVER,  GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND levels, the cost of which no longer needs to come out of pocket, but comes from earnings from this point on.

NOTE: All commissions are calculated in US dollars and paid out via Bitcoin directly to each affiliates wallet.  

Each accelerator level unlocks access to not only MORE earnings, but also More advanced training, MORE powerful tools and a host of other benefits, too numerous to mention here.

To see a FULL break down of The Affluence Network Compensation Plan, click the image below.

Click to see detailed compensation plan.

Click to see detailed compensation plan.


The Affluence Network – PLR Products.

Included in your membership,  they have included over 100 Private Label Products that you can download, Re-brand, and sell as your own. And don’t worry if you don’t know how to do this, FULL training is provided. 100plr


The Affluence Network – Vision Beyond “The System”

The Affluence Network has been a long-term vision of Troy James. The vision is one that helps millions of people around the world become financially free and to ultimately share the wealth with those in need. It’s a “Plug and play” system that you just follow the training and use the tools which allow you to start creating Google ranked content on day 1. If you follow the expert marketing instructions, you WILL make sales. The Affluence Network’s Sales Funnel puts you in the status of immediate online marketing master. It’s completely generic and streamlined and Troy James, along with a few other Top Marketing leaders are focused on the core content strategy to teach the members of this new community…Online Marketing.   EVERYONE is going to want to be a part of this, and YOU can be one of the founding members promoting it to the rest of the industry.

So what do you get for the basic product buy in?

  A complete marketing network, including all the training, tools, and support you could possibly need, which enable you to start getting traffic and leads immediately. Extremely high Converting Lead Capture Pages pre-made and tested for you allowing you to drive leads to your own auto responder account. In fact, early testing shows that The Affluence Network converts extremely highly. Your own, personalized highly captivating Affluence Network Presentation System. Commissions, via direct payment, right Into your Bitcoin Wallet. And Just in case you are in doubt………..



The Affluence Network – 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Yes, if you are not completely convinced that you are getting all that The Affluence Network has promised after trying it for 30 days, they will give you your money back. So you really do have nothing to lose!

Try it out FREE for 30 days Now!


The Affluence Network – From Newbie to Expert.

The Affluence Network membership starts you with a beginner training series with simple core principles that give you a day by day blueprint of what to do and this is backed up with a complete PDF workbook showing you exactly how you can start earning online.   There is an enormous market out there for something simple, something for the masses to learn one core internet marketing skill and generate cash flow.

***You are reading this while the Affluence Network is in its infancy, but is growing at a rapid pace***

More and more people are discovering the power of the tools, the training and the network, to achieve the financial status that they desire.

And you can too!

As a thank you for reading this review in its entirety, I want to give you a complimentary 30 day FREE trial, so you can check out the Affluence Network for yourself, commitment free, and see if it is for you! PLUS, as a bonus, I will give you a FREE E-book, where we detail exactly how you can maximize your earning potential and achieve the financial freedom you desire!

Summary / Conclusion

So, should you join The Affluence Network?

In short YES!

Damn straight you should!

The Affluence network is the epitome of the gold nugget that everyone has been looking for.

It’s the holy grail of opportunities.

Troy James has proven his abilities to create wealth via previous products that he has introduced, and they are always successful, for everyone involved. He has the financial muscle, the know-how and the connections, to do things properly. So you can rest assured that you are investing in the best of the best. Opportunities like this only come around once in your life and you need to grab them with both hands AND dig your toes in! And right now you have the chance to be a first mover with this, a founder member so to speak. This really is something that your grandchildren will be thanking you for.

I have 3 words for you.

Just get in!

Click here to join the Affluence network today!

FREE training, NO commitment.

Here’s to YOUR success. brett

Brett Jackson

Online marketing coach