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My name is Duane Norland, and this is my story!

I have lead …shall we say….a sorted life.
When I was very young my father spent most of his time in prison. He was of the attitude that people were put on this earth to eat, drink, and have fun. He didn’t believe that they should have to work…..at all. Only the strongest should survive. That meant that if you could find a way to beat others (even if you cheated), then you were stronger and better than them.
Well this type of thinking can only lead to one outcome……..crime was the easiest way to beat others and get what you wanted.
Unfortunately, my father was not even motivated enough to do his crimes carefully and he was frequently caught.
When I was 12 years old, my father decided that living with my mother was no longer worth all of the yelling and screaming he received, and took off…….for good.
At 12 years old, I didn’t fully understand what was going on and felt abandoned.
This lead to me becoming withdrawn and hard to communicate with.
As the years went by, people tried to help me, but I felt pittied and really didn’t like that, so as a defence mechanism, I developed an art of getting people not to like me very much so I wouldn’t have to feal their pity.
In my teens, I turned to drugs and alcohol as an escape. I wouldn’t say that I was a hard drug user…..I wasn’t addicted to anything, but it did get me into quite a bit of trouble. I was even even expelled from high school in grade 12.
But I was always a fighter at heart. Even at age 6, I used to get into fist fights with other kids at school and became pretty tough. I was always sharter than all the other kids my age and was even short compared to kids 2 years younger than me. I played football in grade 9 and I still remember a picture of me standing in the huddle. The top of my head was even with the shoulders of the next shortest player (I was only 4′ 8″ tall at the time), but that didn’t stop me. I played the entire season without sustaining any real injuries.
I also joined the wrestling team. I was so small that I never had to watch my weight in order to stay in my weight class. I weighed 78 lbs on average and wrestled in the 84 lb weight division. A lot of times I wrestled kids in higher weight classes because they didn’t have anyone in mine, but I almost always won since I was so tough and never gave up. In grade 10, I still wrestled in the same weight class and had my best year. I finished 5th overall in the Western Ontario high school finals. I stayed in the same weight class until grade 11, when I moved up to the 90 lb division. In my final year of wrestling (grade 12) I was in the 104 lb class and was only 5′ 4″ tall.
I grew my last inch at the age of 35 and now stand 5′ 8″ tall, which is still short, but I won’t be turned away from any fair rides….lol.

So all of that was just to give you an idea of who I am.

Now let’s move onto what I do……
My marks in school were always slightly above average. Usually right around the 75% region. I never really tried hard at school until something happened to me.
In my first year of university, I failed miserably……..My overall average was somewhere around 30%. I just didn’t want to be there and wasn’t doing any work at all. I was forced by the university to take a year off. When I came back, I did a lot better, but still nowhere near what was normal for me. I deceided to go back to high school to make sure that my foundations were strong.
That was my turning point. I hit the books hard. I mean hard! I was either in class, sitting at my desk at home, or exercising. And it paid off big time! My overall average for the first semester was somewhere around 95%. None of my marks were below 90%. The second semester was kind of tough keeping up the momentum and my average dropped to around 92%, but still high enough to get into any school that I wanted.

Well, my options were pretty open at this point, so I decided to take prerequisites for dentistry and medicine. I carried on my regimen of hitting the books as hard as I could and maintained a 90% average for my first and second years at university and took the MCAT and DAT tests to see if I qualified to get into either dentistry or medicine. The tests were harder than I thought and I scored around 80% for each…..pretty good in my eyes, but not strong enough to get into either.

So I stayed in the sciences for another year. My next set of MCATs and DATs went a little better, scoring around 83%, but still not high enough, so I decided to finish my honor’s science degree and retake the entry exams.

Now this is where my life course took another swing. My sister had gotten married and her new husband had a seismic company in Alberta. He had offered me a job for the summer and the pay was far greater than anything that I could get on my own in Ontario, so I took the plunge. I applied for my student loans while in Alberta, but I made a mistake and my application had to be re-submitted. Unfortunately, in seismic you spend up to 45 days straight on the job….in the bush. I didn’t find out that my application had to be re-submitted until about a week before school was to start, so needless to say I had no money waiting for me back in Ontario, and wouldn’t get any until the following semester. I took on a part-time job, and with my savings from the summer, I was able to make it to the end of November until I was tapped out. I was forced to abandon the rest of the semester and continue in the following semester. So what did I do? I went back to Alberta to work.

One thing led to another and I ended up falling in love with the big money I was making. I dropped out of school and became a full-time seismic worker……

I met a girl and we had a son when I was 35. We moved in together and I continued working in the seismic industry.

Like I said previously, in seismic you are in the bush for up to 45 days straight, but when you get time off, it sometimes lasts for a couple of months (depending on how active the oil companies are on the seismic part at the time). This gave me a lot of free time that I needed to fill.

One day I got an email telling me that the internet was the best place to earn huge incomes, and I started to look into it.

I learned a lot. I learned how to create websites, how to start my own Youtube channel and create videos to publish, how to create squeeze pages to capture leads, and much more. The problem I found was that no matter what I did, I could never generate enough traffic to earn any descent money. But I didn’t give up.


I knew deep down that if I ever cracked the code, I would be a millionaire.

So I kept on learning and implementing what I had learned, and seeing very small results.

One day I got an email from the creator of one of the many products that I had bought.

His name was Troy James. He was offering a sure-fire way to finally make a lot of money on the internet and I was very interested, so I checked out what he had to say.

Here’s what I found out…….he wasn’t offering a way to make a lot of money……he was offering many ways that would each make a lot of money.

So I joined. Along with joining Troy, came joining a secret Skype group where we all help each other to succeed. Troy has taught me a LOT and everything he shares with us is always on the cutting edge of internet marketing. I thank my lucky stars every day that I had bought that product from Troy a few years back and was able to get on his list and received that fateful email that landed me in his Skype group in the company of genuine greatness.

Troy’s latest (for us) is something that he has actually been working on for over 8 years. It is a central hub where anybody can learn how to make a lot of money on the internet.

It’s called The Affluence Network (T.A.N. for short) and it’s nothing short of amazing.

There are 6 levels of education and you must qualify and pay for each level. They all come with a set of video courses that cover different methods for making money online. They each also come with their own set of tools to use that not only make your job easier, but also save you a lot of money. Things like autoresponders, keyword tools, URL shorteners, article spinners and many, many more are included and each one is top-notch. Over 100 separate courses and tools are included within the different T.A.N. levels.

As of Feb, 2017, T.A.N. is in Alpha launch phase. Which means that there are a few members that are testing to make sure that everything is working properly. Within the next 45 days or so, T.A.N. will go into full launch mode and people from all across the globe will be scampering to get on board.

This is a time of excitement for all of us (especially Troy I imagine) as we all get set to start promoting and making our long-awaited dreams finally come true.

Now you may have heard of other platforms that seem to offer the same thing, but let me tell you this. I have been a member of other similar on-line programs that claim to be the best, and what they offer is not even close to what T.A.N. offers.

True, they offer a lot of products, but those products under-deliver. They are priced way too high……they don’t cover as much detail as they should, and they don’t offer clear ‘do this, then do that’ instructions.

The courses at T.A.N. are very easy to understand, and they leave you knowing exactly what you need to do next.

Best of all….you don’t pay for each course!

Each learning level within T.A.N. comes with at least 20 courses.

T.A.N. also includes every tool that a successful internet marketer would need.

So, although others have made promises about how great their system is…..The Affluence Network actually delivers on that promise in spades!!

So join us as we make history (and a TON of money in the process)

Duane Norland
Full -time internet marketer

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