The Affluence Network – Training.

online-training TAN Advanced Training available by progressing through the levels, includes, but is not limited to:

Bronze Level.

 Understanding the Basic Principles and Necessities of Internet Marketing

 Affiliate Marketing 101 – The Affluence Network Way!

 Understanding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies to Make Money

 Digital Product Creation 101

 Sales Funnel Website Construction 101

 Creating and Selling Courses on Udemy

 Creating and Selling Courses on SkillShare

 Marketing on Twitter

 Marketing on Facebook

 Paid Advertising on Facebook for Beginners

 Marketing on YouTube

 Marketing on Tumblr

 Marketing on Instagram

 Website Construction for Affiliate Marketing

 Website Construction for Amazon Associate Earnings

 Article Publishing for Money

 Earning with Google Adsense

 Earning on YouTube

 Selling Photos and Videos Online

 Making Money with Gear Bubble

 Making Money with Teespring

 Making Money with Fiverr


Silver Level

 Affiliate Marketing Advanced

 Sales Funnel Website Construction Advanced

 Launching a Digital Product on JVZoo

 Creating and Selling Courses on Amazon Video On Demand

 Creating a Product for Clickbank

 Paid Traffic Tactics Basics

 Sponsored Tweets

 Social ShoutOuts

 Creating Kindle Books for Kindle KDP

 Reselling Concerts and Sporting Tickets Online for Greater Commissions

 JV Recruiting 101


Gold Level

 Podcasting on iTunes for a Profit

 Making Money with Crowd Funding Beginner

 Making Money with CPA Offers

 Paid Traffic Tactics Advanced

 Paid Advertising on YouTube

 Paid Advertising on Twitter

 Paid Advertising on Facebook Advanced

 Paid Advertising on Instagram

 Paid Advertising on Tumblr

 Product Arbitrage Earnings

 Retargeting and Remarketing

 Finding Good Physical Products to Sell

 Selling Physical Products on Etsy

 Selling Physical Products on Amazon

 Selling Physical Products on eBay


Platinum Level

 Creating Mobile Apps for Revenue

 Advance Retarget Marketing

 PayPer View Marketing

 Brand Building

 Outsourcing


Diamond Level

 Property Investing

 Business Purchasing

 Financial Markets Investing

 Crowd Funding Advanced

 Angel Investing

 Viral Marketing to the Masses


Inside each Affluence Network area members can:

  • Access the many SaaS apps.
  • Access their Affluential Wallets, and TAN’s own Cryptocurrencies)
  • Edit their personal profiles,
  • Visit the library.
  • Communicate in the forums with each other
  • Contact support
  • Preview or access Accelerator levels depending upon the member’s level of achievements,
  • See commissions and payments
  • Message the Affluence Network’s very own Influential Instructors who are the very best at their online professions.